Lucid Diagnostics has introduced its EsoGuard mobile test unit in the Greater Central Florida region, US.

Florida Digestive Health Specialists (FDHS) co-hosted an inaugural precancer detection event at the Gastroenterology Associates of Sarasota offices in Sarasota, Florida.

The event, supervised by Sarasota Memorial Hospital gastroenterology chief Dr Scott Corbett, utilised the EsoGuard #CheckYourFoodTube Mobile Test Unit and was the first oesophagal precancer detection event to do so.

The EsoGuard test facilitates the early identification of oesophageal pre-cancer in at-risk individuals.

It is claimed to be the first commercially available diagnostic test that can serve as a widespread tool for the prevention of cancer and cancer deaths.

Lucid chairman and CEO Dr Lishan Aklog said: “This expansion into mobile testing is yet another example of our relentless commitment to bringing EsoGuard testing to at-risk patients in order to detect precancer and prevent devastating oesophageal cancer.

“We believe that mobile testing will strongly complement our satellite Lucid Test Center and high-volume precancer detection event programmes.”

At the testing event, high-risk patients underwent a quick and non-invasive cell collection procedure conducted by Lucid staff in a mobile unit. The EsoCheck Oesophageal Cell Collection Device was used for this non-invasive process.

After collection, the samples were sent to Lucid’s specialised molecular diagnostic laboratory in Lake Forest, California, for conducting the EsoGuard Oesophageal DNA test.

Patients who tested positive in the laboratory were advised to undergo suitable monitoring and treatment to prevent the advancement of oesophagal cancer.

This laboratory is certified by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment and accredited by the College of American Pathologists.