Medical devices developer M3DICINE has introduced a new artificial intelligence (AI) enabled stethoscope ‘Stethee Pro’ that allows listening and recording of heart and lung sounds.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved device is based on the Aida technology platform designed to capture and analyse the sounds to create a personal biometric signature, which can be used to identify a potential disease.

Stethee includes a set of heart, respiratory and paediatric BiQuad filters intended to amplify the required heart, lungs or other body sounds while eliminating any unwanted ambient noises.

According to News Medical, Aida can automatically track real-time geo-location and environmental data of each sample. This capability is expected to aid in understanding the impact of environmental factors such as humidity, temperature and pollution on heart and lungs.

“The results can be shared and analysed instantly by a medical specialist anywhere in the world.”

M3DICINE founder and CEO Nayyar Hussain said: “The potential for Stethee to be used in remote and rural areas is enormous because it’s incredibly easy to use and the results can be shared and analysed instantly by a medical specialist anywhere in the world.

“The ability to record, share and compare samples is invaluable to improving patient care, especially for remote and rural clinics where access to screening services or a cardiologist is extremely difficult.”

Stethee also transmits the recorded data to a dedicated application on any Bluetooth-enabled device for further analysis or sharing with caregivers or specialists.

Developed in alliance with designers and engineers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stethee Pro is part of the Stethee system, which also includes Stethee Vet for veterinarians and animal professionals along with education and research tool Stethee Edu.