Sygnis AG (formerly Sygnis Pharma AG) plans to acquire TGR BioSciences Pty Ltd for €10.4m ($12.78m).

Sygnis will make an upfront payment of €6.5m ($7.98m), €1.3m ($1.59m) of promissory note loan, and €1.88m ($2.31m) of performance-related earn-out agreement or a convertible bond priced at €1.5 ($1.84), as part of the acquisition.

Sygnis has concurrently issued 4.74 million new shares priced at €1.4 ($1.72) a share in a private placement to raise €6.64m ($8.16m).

Based in Germany, Sygnis is a biopharmaceutical company, while TGR is an Australian immunoassay technology company.

The acquisition will strengthen Sygnis’ technology portfolio and expand its customer base.

The funds managed under Apax Partners have signed a definitive agreement to purchase a stake in Vyaire Medical from US-based medical technology company Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) for $435m.

“The acquisition will strengthen Sygnis’ technology portfolio and expand its customer base.”

Vyaire Medical will be completely controlled by the Apax Funds.

BD plans to use the proceeds for its broader capital allocation strategy.

Based in the UK, Apax Partners is a private equity firm, while Vyaire Medical is a US-based manufacturer of medical devices.

Platinum Equity LLC has announced the submission of a binding offer to acquire LifeScan Inc from medical devices and pharmaceuticals manufacturer Johnson and Johnson for $2.1bn.

Based in the US, Platinum Equity is a private equity firm, while LifeScan, also based in the US, is a manufacturer of blood glucose monitoring systems.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc has completed the acquisition of rapid DNA technology platform provider IntegenX Inc.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a multi-national biotechnology product development company.

Both the companies involved in the transaction are based in the US.

The acquisition will enable Thermo Fisher to expand and develop its business in the human identification market.