Israel-based medical device security platform Medigate has teamed up with US-based healthcare IT firm Cerner to advance medical device security in healthcare organisations.

The partnership will assist healthcare organisations in developing stronger network security, managing the unique security demands of medical devices.

By implementing Medigate’s medical device security and asset management solutions, customers will also receive support from Cerner’s cybersecurity team to protect inventory IoT and IoMT medical devices.

If an organisation has a security breach, Cerner will also offer remediation services to limit cyber-attacks.

Medigate CEO Jonathan Langer said: “With IDC estimating about 41.6 billion IoT devices in the field by 2025, it is extremely important that healthcare organisations have more visibility and control over what’s going on in their clinical network and that needs to include medical devices and IoT devices.

“Cerner has spent the last 40 years connecting people and systems within the healthcare industry. Working together will help thousands of health systems establish and maintain better control, to protect their data, ongoing operations and, ultimately, patient care.”

The partnership will offer hospitals more in-depth visibility, with continuous monitoring of network activity to create a detailed inventory of connected devices.

Medigate’s technology identifies potential security risks and supports the most suitable response to protect the integrity and privacy of the clinical network.

The platform also supports pre-emptive measures, provides appropriate remediation to eliminate threats, thereby delivering safe patient care.

Cerner Security Solutions senior director Jay Savaiano said: “It’s important that the healthcare industry proactively work to prevent data breaches and cyber threats rather than wait to react after the damage has been done.

“Our work with Medigate is a critical step in the right direction towards effective medical device security across healthcare organisations. We’re committed to helping our clients discover, manage and protect operations from today’s attacks and tomorrow’s threats.”