UK-based financial scheme Medtech Accelerator has provided a total of £150,000 funding for new medical projects on critical care logistics and cornea replacement surgery.

The company was formed in 2016 and is a joint venture led by Health Enterprise East. It aims to support the development of new medical technologies.

The latest awards will help to create a Cloud-based software platform called LocANTS, which is intended to facilitate the sharing of critical, real-time information when moving a patient between hospital sites.

LocANTS will use monitors and smart devices so that the transfer team can identify available resources such as clinical parameters, beds and traffic conditions.

The software is expected to allow effective decisions, while decreasing transfer time and efficiency.

Funding from the Medtech Accelerator award will support LocANTS’ early development and testing in the Acute Neonatal Transfer Service (ANTS) for the East of England.

Furthermore, funding will go towards the development of Corneal Graft Suturing Ring (CGSR) device, which is intended to enable better suturing and prevent common complications related to corneal graft surgeries.

Corneal graft surgeries are performed to replace damaged cornea with healthy donor tissue. However, handling of these grafts is difficult and can affect the suturing.

Inadequate suturing could impact a patient’s visual outcome and is associated with other complications such as the risk of wound leakage.

The CGSR device aims to bypass these complications by supplying a means of keeping the donor graft in position and alleviating the suturing process.

Medtech Accelerator investment committee chair Dr Paul Seabright said: “Critical patient transfer data and corneal replacement surgery represent very diverse and unrelated areas of healthcare.

“However, all our projects are inextricably linked by the potential to radically transform patient care through innovation. We look forward to working with the teams at both LocANTS and CGSR to help bring their technologies to our hospitals.”

To date, Medtech Accelerator has aided 13 projects with total awards of more than £1.15m.