US-based NVIDIA has agreed to integrate its artificial intelligence (AI) technologies into the GI Genius intelligent endoscopy module.

The GI Genius module is claimed to be the first US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved and AI-assisted colonoscopy tool. It is designed to enable physicians to identify polyps that can cause colorectal cancer.

Medtronic secured the rights to exclusively distribute the GI Genius module, developed by Cosmo Pharmaceuticals, globally.

With the capacity to house several AI algorithms, the GI Genius module uses advanced algorithms to process images, detecting and marking abnormalities consistent with polyps, including small flat polyps.

Following the addition of NVIDIA‘s Holoscan and IGX technologies, Cosmo will launch an Innovation Center website to help third-party developers with cloud-based platforms to better train and validate their own AI models. This will also enable them to distribute their models using the GI Genius module.

Medtronic gastrointestinal business president Giovanni Di Napoli said: “With the launch of our AI Access platform, we are now able to support developers everywhere and accelerate the creation of real-time AI applications.

“This technology may allow us to offer clinicians expanded access to these tools, potentially improving patient outcomes. Our ongoing strategic partnership with Cosmo Pharmaceuticals and the integration of cutting-edge NVIDIA AI technologies have made this platform a reality.”

Last week, Medtronic received CE Mark for its Affera Mapping and Ablation System for the treatment of atrial arrhythmias.

The system is designed to help map and ablate atrial arrhythmias as well as offer real-time feedback with its mapping and navigation software.