Diagnostic solutions developer MeMed has obtained the European CE mark for its MeMed COVID-19 Severity tool for predicting severe outcomes in patients.

The new host response technology checks for various proteins in a serum sample and uses machine learning to determine the risk that a Covid-19 patient is likely to experience severe outcomes.

The 15-minute test is run on the company’s point-of-need platform, MeMed Key.

This allows doctors to distinguish between patients who may require high-level care and those who can be discharged from the hospital and safely self-isolate home.

Recently, the company has released the clinical data of an immune-protein signature combining trial that showed the solution’s ability to accurately predict severe Covid-19 respiratory failure.

It has also completed an additional independent multinational validation study on MeMed COVID-19 Severity.

MeMed co-founder and CEO Eran Eden said: “I’m excited to begin deploying a pioneering solution to help identify Covid-19 patients at risk of severe outcomes, empowering physicians to manage what is increasingly likely to become an endemic situation.

“MeMed COVID-19 Severity is also relevant for authorities contemplating preparedness for future pandemics.

“This is another exciting step in the company’s long-term vision of harnessing the power of the host-immune response in order to transform the way infections are detected and managed.”

MeMed plans to offer the tool directly in its priority countries in Europe and through commercial partners in other countries.

In a separate development, iXensor has launched the new PixoHealth Pass Admin App and Web Portal, an integrated Covid-19 screening solution.