Mira has introduced the new Ovum Wand for predicting menopause and monitoring fertility status for women aged above 35 years.

The Mira Fertility Ovum Wand aims to track the follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) levels in urine. FSH stimulates follicle growth and is involved in triggering ovulation.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has listed the product as an over-the-counter tool, and it will be made available in the country from October.

The Mira Ovum Wand can offer lab-accurate detection of FSH levels to predict menopause, assess fertility and support ovulation prediction.

Tracking FSH levels helps indicate if a woman is ready for a healthy pregnancy.

The wands can also be used to monitor fertility and find possible reasons for reproductive issues in women aged above 35 years.

Customers can use them to monitor their FSH levels safely and regularly at home, eliminating the need for constant and painful blood tests.

Mira CEO Sylvia Kang said: “The Mira Ovum Wand further expands our capabilities in at-home hormone testing. We can now provide accurate lab-like results for LH, E3G, PdG and FSH.

“The launch reinforces Mira’s goal to support women throughout their lives by helping them understand their hormones at any age, be it puberty, adulthood or later years.

“This knowledge grants the ability to make informed fertility decisions and eliminates the dread associated with the word ‘menopause’.”

The company provides a complete line of hormone test wands, including Mira Confirm (pregnanediol glucuronide), Mira Fertility (luteinizing hormone) and Mira Fertility Plus (estrone-3-glucuronide and luteinizing hormone).

As with the other hormone test wands, the new Mira Ovum Wand is compatible with the Mira Analyzer.

This device uses machine learning to track changes in hormone patterns over time.

The company stated that the Mira Analyzer can be connected to the Mira App to display numerical data and personalised insights on a user’s reproductive health.