The company behind making breast cancer tumours easier to remove has released the next iteration of its flagship product. Molli 2 is a miniature soft tissue localisation device developed by Toronto, Canada-based Molli Surgical to aid surgeons in the removal of tumours.  

The wire-free technology involves a miniature marker, measuring 3.2mm, that can be detected by an included probe to provide surgeons with an accurate assessment of lesion location and depth. A tablet also comes with the technology, displaying information such as distance and direction for accurate localisation before breast cancer surgery.

A lumpectomy is a type of surgery that removes only cancerous tissue from the breast. Traditionally, wire-dependent devices or radioactive techniques are used for pre-operative localisation of breast cancer tumours.

The wire-free technology from Molli received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval in 2021 and was rolled out across hospitals in Canada during 2022.

Also launched by the company is Molli re.markable – a tool allowing radiologists and surgeons to reposition a marker with minimal patient discomfort. The tool enables flexibility in marker positioning, without the need for invasive surgery or a large biopsy needle.

“As a surgeon, my ultimate goal is always to help as many patients as possible while delivering the highest quality of care. These two products, used separately or together, will be a game changer for me in the operating room,” said Dr. Rakhshanda L. Rahman, medical director of the Breast Center of Excellence at the UMC Cancer Center.

“Molli 2 will make it easier than ever to deliver exceptional outcomes and experiences for my patients.”