Artificial intelligence (AI) company MyndYou has made its triaging and care management solution available to electronic health record technology firm Allscripts’ clients.

The partnership is intended to enable the passive monitoring of cognitive change, which will help identify patients’ real-time health risks in their home to allow early intervention and prevent hospitalisation.

MyndYou’s cognitive-driven AI-based triaging and case management platform, Cognitive Complexity Analysis, allows healthcare providers to remotely engage and intervene with high-risk patients in their homes using passively collected voice and daily-activity data.

Cognitive Complexity Analysis detects subtle changes in cognitive and behavioural function and elevates the information within a clinic’s care management workflow to maximise the chance of early intervention.

Allscripts-associated care providers will now introduce MyndYou’s care portal, behavioural monitoring app and voice bot within their current care management practices.

Allscripts general manager Tina Joros said: “By partnering with MyndYou, we can create additional touchpoints between Allscripts clients and their high-risk patients.

“MyndYou’s cognitive-driven solution empowers care management teams to reduce hospitalisations and achieve improved outcomes by passively and precisely identifying those in need of extra attention at the right time.”

The MyndYou app works by detecting subtle changes in behavioural function – such as when walking, driving and sleeping – which could signal a heightened risk of hospitalisation or deterioration. The firm also provides an automated, personalised voice bot named Eleanor, which can directly call the patient’s phone using targeted questionnaires to retrieve important information regarding their health and safety. Integrated analyses of data from both of these channels can be accessed in a care portal for clinicians.

Myndyou CEO and co-founder Ruth Poliakine Baruchi said: “Our mission is to scale care and improve the quality of life of older adults by bringing together cutting-edge technology with the human touch in order to keep them safe and functioning within their home environments for longer.”