Myriad Genetics and SimonMed are partnering to enter the personalised genetic risk assessment space. By combining genetic testing and precision medicine technology from Myriad, and medical imaging framework from SimonMed, the two companies said they will provide patients and healthcare providers with more accurate information about hereditary cancer risk.

The adoption of personalised medicine is growing in diagnostic areas, with oncology being one of the most accepting fields. Myriad and SimonMed, based in Utah and Arizona, US respectively, have each been working over the past few decades in genetic testing and medical imaging.

The partnership pools their resources together and the new programme will roll out in May 2023, utilising Myriad’s existing genetic products combined with a diagnostic imaging component to assess cancer risk in patients.

According to Cancer Research UK, between 5-10% of cancers diagnosed are linked to an inherited faulty gene. Having frequent diagnostic imaging tests is recommended for certain cancers – for example the National Comprehensive Cancer Network recommends that women at higher risk of breast cancer should undertake a mammogram every year starting at age 25.

“With recent clinical guideline developments from a variety of professional societies regarding genetic risk assessment beginning as early as age 25-30, this collaboration is critically important to help recognize and screen younger high-risk patients and ensure they receive appropriate supplemental screening and medical management options to best manage their elevated risk,” said Paul J. Diaz, president and CEO, Myriad Genetics.

As genetic testing has increased, many commercial, social, and ethical implications have arisen, such as psychological distress, stigmatisation, and the improper use of genetic data by insurers or employers.