Medical device firm NanoVibronix has launched a new ultrasound pain management device, dubbed PainShield Plus, for the treatment of multiple areas of pain in tandem.

The new device expands the company’s portfolio of pain management devices that includes UroShield, PainShield, and WoundShield Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) portable ultrasonic therapeutic devices.

In addition to a reusable driver unit, it features a second adhesive patch and transducer, which effectively increases the surface area that can be treated for pain in the same duration.

Each transducer covers approximately 20cm of surface area and has two points of access, enabling the bilateral treatment of orthopaedic pain, using a single device.

NanoVibronix CEO Brian Murphy said: “The introduction of PainShield Plus is a natural extension of our highly effective PainShield device. Increasingly, patients are seeking therapies that work synergistically with more conventional treatment plans and reduce the need for pharmaceuticals and surgical interventions.

“We have extended the functionality of our core PainShield device to include an additional transducer that enables patients to cover twice the surface area for pain treatment and thereby broadens the opportunities for application of this proven technology.”

Similar to the company’s previous device, PainShield Plus leverages ultrasound therapy to treat pain and different soft tissue injuries either directly over joints or orthopaedic hardware.

Moreover, this device eliminates the need for opioid treatments. It will also help to maintain social distancing by enabling patients to receive therapy in their own homes safely.

Other patient benefits include ease of application and use, faster recovery time, high compliance, and increased safety and efficacy over existing devices that rely on higher-frequency ultrasound.