Abbott has received CE Mark for its new Confirm Rx Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM) that will help physicians identify cardiac arrhythmias that are difficult to detect, including atrial fibrillation (AF).

Being the world’s first smartphone-compatible ICM, the new system is designed to continuously monitor a patient's heart rhythm and immediately transmit information via the myMerlin mobile app. This enables physicians to follow their patients remotely and diagnose arrhythmias accurately.

With the launch of the Confirm Rx ICM in European CE Mark countries, the company has incorporated a new wireless technology that enables the ICM to communicate directly and securely to the app downloaded onto a patient's smartphone.

The latest myMerlin mobile app helps replace the heavy handheld or bedside transmitters that are required for traditional remote monitoring and which limit a patient’s mobility.

The interactive app allows patients to participate in their own care.

Slimmer than currently available ICMs, the new Confirm Rx ICM provides simple, easy and intuitive one-touch indication-based programming, as well as remote monitoring via the Patient Care Network.

The myMerlin mobile app is currently available in more than 35 languages and facilitates patients to stay easily connected to their physicians.

"Incorporating wireless technology directly into our devices enhances the quality of remote monitoring and patient compliance."

Patients can record their symptoms on their own smartphone, while they can confirm a secure transmission of data to their physician and get automatic alerts when they miss a scheduled transmission.

Abbott Cardiac Arrhythmias and Neuromodulation Businesses chief medical officer Dr Mark Carlson said: “Incorporating wireless technology directly into our devices enhances the quality of remote monitoring and patient compliance.

“The Confirm Rx ICM addresses a broad range of indications, such as syncope, palpitations and atrial fibrillation. The technology has been designed with robust data privacy and security measures to ensure peace of mind for both patients and providers.”

Since CE Mark approval, the Confirm Rx device has been deployed in 10 countries across Europe.

Image: The Abbott Confirm Rx ICM is the world’s first smartphone-enabled insertable cardiac monitor, providing powerful data to help monitor irregular heartbeats, unexplained syncope, palpitations and atrial fibrillation. Photo: courtesy of PR Newswire.