Accuray has announced the results of a study demonstrating the benefits of the CyberKnife robotic radiosurgery system in treating central lung tumours using stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT).

The CyberKnife system delivers high-dose radiation with pinpoint precision, minimising damage to surrounding healthy tissue and eliminating the need for invasive head or body stabilisation frames.

Using continual image guidance technology and computer controlled robotic mobility, the CyberKnife system automatically tracks, detects and corrects for tumour and patient movement in real-time throughout the treatment.

The system allows clinicians to provide lung SBRT to patients with central lung lesions with minimal toxicity, sparing surrounding healthy tissue, such as the esophagus, trachea and heart.

The study, Outcome of Four-Dimensional Stereotactic Radiotherapy for Centrally Located Lung Tumors, conducted on 56 patients treated with CyberKnife lung SBRT, reported that at one year local tumour control was 91% and 76% at two years.

Lead author of the study Joost Nuyttens said the study achieved two-year tumour control and overall survival for centrally located lung tumours comparable to SBRT treatment of peripheral lung tumours without any complications or serious toxicities.

“By taking advantage of the CyberKnife system’s radiosurgical accuracy and image guidance capabilities, the Synchrony system allows us to track centrally located tumors as they move with respiration and correct for tumour motion throughout treatment,” Nuyttens added.

Accuray Global medical affairs senior vice president Omar Dawood said the study provides further support of the CyberKnife system’s ability to deliver lung SBRT to tumours throughout the lung, with minimal toxicity while also providing excellent tumour control.

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