Acumed has launched its scapho-lunate inter carpal (SLIC) screw system for stabilising bones during the repair and healing of the scapho-lunate interosseous ligament.

The SLIC screw system is a jointed screw and a targeting guide with accompanying instrumentation to place and insert the screw accurately. The device maintains the anatomical reduction (spacing) of the scaphoid and lunate, while allowing some rotation between the carpals.

It includes system-specific instrumentation, a radiolucent targeting guide, and multiple-size screws to accommodate varying patient anatomy.

The jointed screw allows relative rotation and an anatomic toggle of 15°-22°, allowing the scaphoid and lunate to move anatomically while the soft tissue heals.

SLIC screw system is available in three different lengths, 22mm, 25mm and 28mm, with the length variation in the scaphoid portion of the screw.

SL targeting guide is an alignment device to be used prior to implantation of the SLIC screw and in correspondence with K-wires used for anatomical reduction of the scaphoid and lunate carpals. It allows for targeting different patient anatomy and preparing the carpals for screw insertion.

"Prolonged stabilisation of the involved carpal bones eliminates the potential complications of temporary Kirschner wire fixation."

Sitting outside of the wrist, the targeting guide accomplishes several functions. With the use of a joystick clip and temporary K-wires, it enables the surgeon to reduce the scaphoid and lunate bones back into position.

The targeting guide also allows the user to locate the screw trajectory accurately using fluoroscopy, locking the guide wire (for the screw) in one plane of motion, while adjusting and locking it in the second plane.

It helps in accurately placing the guide wire centrally through the bones from the lateral view. After the correct placement of the guide wire, the bones can then be drilled and the screw inserted.

Orthopaedic surgeon Dr William Geissler, the designer of SLIC screw for Acumed, said the new system provides mechanical support while the soft tissue repair heals and matures.

"Prolonged stabilisation of the involved carpal bones eliminates the potential complications of temporary Kirschner wire fixation," Dr Geissler said.

Orthopaedic surgeon Dr Michael McNamara designed the targeting guide.

Image: Acumed launches scapho-lunate inter carpal screw system. Photo: courtesy of PRNewswire/Acumed.