Agilent Technologies and Integrated Diagnostics have formed a strategic partnership to develop protein-based assays that detect major human diseases at an early stage.

Under the partnership, the companies will develop high-throughput automated workflows that will include sample preparation and LC MS / MS analysis.

Integrated Diagnostics has purchased two Agilent 1290 Infinity UHPLC systems, two 6490 iFunnel triple quadrupole mass spectrometry systems and two 1260 LCs with ultraviolet detectors for the project. Integrated Diagnostics president and chief scientific officer Paul Kearney said Agilent provides an innovative platform upon which next-generation multiplexed proteomic assays can be developed and deployed.

"Integrated Diagnostics will bring expertise in assay development, technology strategy, study design, clinical development, commercialisation and systems informatics to leverage the Agilent technology solution,” Kearney said. ”Our partnership with Agilent will allow us to realise the advantages of using a single technology platform from discovery and verification through to commercialisation."

Agilent Biological Systems Division vice-president and general manager Gustavo Salem said Agilent and Integrated Diagnostics share the vision of harnessing the power of an integrative systems biology approach to solving health challenges. According to Agilent, the technology allows the screening of several hundred biomarkers in a single assay, in a high-throughput and quantitative fashion.