Alpinion Medical Systems has launched a new E-CUBE Series ultrasound system for women’s health, general imaging and shared service applications.

Named E-CUBE 15 EX, the ultrasound system delivers innovations in automation for foetal health and cardiac monitoring from early stages, as well as imaging capabilities for a comprehensive range of complex women’s health issues.

The system features the world’s widest-angle endovaginal transducers with a maximum 230° field of view to provide more anatomical information in a single view, and a volume endocavity transducer with a 10mm tip.

“The easy-to-use system has real-time scanning optimisation, customisation functions and an intuitive user interface.”

Called EV3-10X, EC3-10X and VE3-10H, the transducers offer great value early in the first trimester and in gynaecological exams, by enabling detection of fine details with high resolution, while reducing procedure time and patient discomfort.

The system also features Live HQTM software that generates enhanced anatomical realism through the use of a moveable light source, and the industry’s first volume single crystal volume convex transducer, which maximises the 3D/4D image quality.

Apart from providing innovative quantitative features, such as stress echo and TEE transducer for cardiac imaging capabilities, the E-CUBE 15 EX also offers imaging for superficial applications, including small parts, vascular and musculoskeletal exams.

The easy-to-use system has real-time scanning optimisation and customisation functions, an intuitive user interface, well-designed touchscreen UI, as well as application-focused exam presets.

In addition, the presence of Needle Vision Plus, along with selection of a scan angle, supports quick and precise needle guidance to the target area of interest.

Image: The E-CUBE 15 EX ultrasound system delivers enhanced clinical performance in women’s health, general imaging and shared service applications. Photo: courtesy of Alpinion Medical Systems Co / PR Newswire.