Medical device company Cook Medical has opened a new $4m Asia Pacific commercialisation and development centre (ACDC) at Brisbane Technology Park in Australia.

A part of the firm's plan to boost R&D in the country, the new centre aims at helping businesses, entrepreneurs and researchers from across Asia Pacific in the commercialisation of new medical products and related technologies.

The  ACDC research partners can access its entire resources such as a fabrication laboratory with 3D printing capabilities, electrical and mechanical systems for testing products, business facilities, workshop and demonstration spaces.

Cook Medical Asia Pacific director Barry Thomas said: “Australia’s future economic success will rely on our ability to retain intellectual property (IP) domestically.

“Cook Medical recognises the long journey required to bring new medical devices to fruition; ACDC will provide access to practical advice and expertise at relevant points along the pathway to commercialisation.

“Creating an environment that attracts people with ideas from across the region, then nurturing those ideas through to commercial viability, will increase the local knowledge and skills base while potentially creating new employment opportunities.”

"ACDC will provide access to practical advice and expertise at relevant points along the pathway to commercialisation."

The centre is reported to be operated as an incubator accelerator for medical technology startups, while the firm intends to find new medical technologies to treat serious illnesses and disabilities.

The firm said that the outcomes achieved for patients through the devices and technologies created by participants will be the indication of the success of the new centre.

Founded in 1963, Cook Medical provides medical devices, drugs, biologic grafts and cell therapies.

Image: Official Opening of Asia Pacific Commercialisation and Development Centre – Cook Medical Australia. Photo: courtesy of Australia.