UK-based wound care firm Crawford Healthcare has received calls to fast-track its new wound dressing KerraCel Ag into the National Health Service (NHS).

KerraCel Ag is a thin, absorbent, gelling dressing with a silver technology called Ag Oxysalts that is developed and commercialised by Crawford in partnership with Canadian firm Exciton Technologies and the University of Manchester in the UK.

Designed to disrupt and kill antimicrobial biofilms, the dressing secured approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in February.

KerraCel Ag is said to have achieved a breakthrough in diabetic foot ulcers treatment, as it was responsible for the prevention of amputation in 47-year old American patient, Angela Montes de Oca.

“Angela was fully recovered within eight weeks following the use of the KerraCel Ag dressing.”

Angela was fully recovered within eight weeks following the use of the KerraCel Ag dressing.

Based on this achievement, the dressing, which is currently available only in the US, is being called for deployment in the UK’s NHS and various other international healthcare systems.

Crawford Healthcare CEO Richard Anderson said: “To provide some context on the significance of Ms Montes de Oca’s successful treatment, every single day in England there are 20 devastating amputations, with total expenditure related to foot amputation in people with diabetes in England estimated to be £1bn per year.

“With such an early success for KerraCel Ag, however, and against the cost in both surgery fees and devastation that is caused to people’s lives through amputation, we are looking to fast track this new treatment into NHS pathways as soon as feasibly possible.”

Image: KerraCel Ag is the first FDA-cleared absorbent gelling dressing containing Oxysalt technology. Photo: courtesy of Crawford Healthcare.