Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has awarded a $6.8m contract to Aethlon Medical to develop a therapeutic device to reduce the incidence of sepsis.

The contract programme will leverage the Aethlon ADAPT system as a core technology component underlying an extracorporeal blood purification device which selectively clears multiple sepsis-enabling particles from circulation to promote recovery and prevent sepsis.

The Aethlon ADAPT system is an adaptive dialysis-like affinity platform technology that selectively targets the clearance of harmful agents from the circulatory system without the loss of essential blood components.

The ADAPT system, which is being developed under DARPA’s dialysis like therapeutics (DLT) programme, is expected to decrease the morbidity and mortality of sepsis.

Aethlon Medical chairman and CEO Jim Joyce said the award reinforces the expansive capabilities of ADAPT system, increases the breadth of their product pipeline and transitions them from a development-stage to revenue-stage organisation.