Biotechnology diagnostic company, Oxford Nanopore Technologies, has raised $125.72m through the private placement of ordinary shares, which have been subscribed to by existing investor Woodford Investment Management and a new investor GT Healthcare and others.

The proceeds will be used for the production and commercialisation of its novel products and also for the rapid improvement of its existing products.

Defymed, a developer of bio-artificial organs, and Semma Therapeutics have entered strategic collaboration to develop an innovative solution for the treatment of Type-1 diabetes.

The partnership will support the pre-clinical validation of Mailpan, a bio-artificial pancreas developed by Defymed. The device, combined with stem-cell derived differentiated insulin-secreting cells developed by Semma Therapeutics, will be evaluated for effectiveness and safety in-vitro and in animal mode respectively.

Kite Pharma has partnered with Vitruvian Networks to design and develop a software platform to support commercial availability of T-cell therapies. The companies will be involved in the commercial-scale ordering, logistics, monitoring and delivery of autologous cell therapies including axicabtagene ciloleucel.

The agreement enables the companies to leverage and complement each other’s capabilities in clinical development, manufacturing, supply chain and commercial leadership in engineered T-cell therapy, cloud-based software and data analytics solutions.

"The sellers are also eligible for two discrete, one-time milestone payments of up to $2.6m and an earn-out of up to $9.5m."

Molecular diagnostic solutions developer, Curetis, intends to acquire the real-time qPCR-based Gyronimo platform from Carpegen GmbH and Systec GmbH for a one-time upfront cash payment of $5.3m.

In addition, the sellers are also eligible for two discrete, one-time milestone payments of up to $2.6m and an earn-out of up to $9.5m.

Pursuant to the agreement, Curetis will acquire all the assets of the platform including fully-functional prototype systems and the entire intellectual property portfolio. It will also receive exclusive Gyronimo know-how and a non-exclusive license to background intellectual property and know-how as well as exclusive worldwide licensing to the platform.