Renishaw, a global medical device manufacturer, has signed a collaborative agreement with drug development firm Herantis Pharma in regards to the first clinical study of cerebral dopamine neurotrophic factor (CDNF) in Parkinson’s disease.

Pursuant to the agreement, the former’s drug delivery system will be used for the administration of CDNF in the clinical study, which will be jointly funded and provide benefits to both the companies.

Further, the companies also formed a consortium through which they will sign an agreement for a €6m ($6.54m) grant with the EU’s Horizon 2020 framework programme related to the clinical study, which will recruit patients during the first half of 2017.

"It further enables Q2 to offer end-to-end services in biomarker discovery and development."

The United States Army Medical Research Directorate Kenya (USAMRD-K) has appointed Sight Diagnostics, a medical device company specialising in computer vision platform development, to develop and test a next-generation portable malaria and complete blood count (CBC) technology that will be tested at the former’s Field Station in Kisumu, Kenya.

Q2 Solutions and Illumina have collaborated to develop next-generation sequencing-based (NGS) companion diagnostics (CDx) assays using the former’s MiSeqDx instrument, which is the first NGS tool to receive approval from the US FDA.

The agreement combines best of both the worlds in terms of Q2’s deep genomic, scientific and medical expertise and Illumina’s application of innovative technologies to analyse genetic variation and function. It further enables Q2 to offer end-to-end services in biomarker discovery and development.

Curaden AG, a dental medical devices manufacturer, has signed a distribution agreement with a Swedish dental company, Doxa AB.

As per the agreement, the former will receive exclusive rights to market and sell the latter’s unique bio-ceramic dental cement, ceramir crown and bridge in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Biotechnology company, Grandhope Biotech intends to raise CNY1,850m ($273.45m) through private placement of its common stock shares.

The funds raised will be used to fund a planned acquisition.