US-based firm company Dilon Technologies has unveiled its new purple Navigator 2.0 gamma probe system for sentinel lymph node biopsy.

Nicknamed as the Barney Box, the new generation Navigator system is simple to operate with reliability for long-use, and the probes can be sterilised with major sterilisation methods.

The device is composed of steel, which offers value among other gamma probes available in the market.

The wireless navigator system can be used over a extended period as it features advanced lithium ion battery, which supports more than ten hours of continuous use in the operating room.

Each section of the system is fitted with two batteries, which can be powered-up in the charging station.

The charging of the system is enabled without the need of a power cord, which reduces wire-related inconveniences in the operating room.

It features an anti-glare display with high-visibility LED.

"It features an anti-glare display with high-visibility LED."

The Navigator is easy-to-use with the provision of an instant ‘On’ power button.

It does not require a setup procedure, including a calibration protocol, or an external collimation that affect its performance.

The wireless probe operates on the industrial grade platform, Zigbee assists in reducing the interference with other medical equipment that use bluetooth technology.

The probe is incorporated with an internal collimation to accurately detect lymph nodes without delay of signal.

The Navigator is applicable in a range of surgical procedures called sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB), pulmonary wedge resection, parathyroid adenoma, laparoscopy and recurrent cancer.

Image: Dilon Navigator 2.0 Gamma Probe Lymphatic Mapping System. Photo: courtesy of PRNewsFoto/Dilon Technologies Inc.