Diagnostic Imaging Northwest (DINW) has launched the new extremity 1.5 Tesla MRI scanner GE Optima in the Northwest.

The GE Optima is the first specialty high-field extremity MRI, designed to be morr comfortable than a full-body MRI system for patients needing an MRI exam of extremities such as the elbow, wrist, hand, knee, ankle and foot.

The Optima consists of a high-strength 1.5T magnet exceeding those of a standard MRI system and warranting image quality.

The comfortable design insures less moving around, resulting images to be even clear and consistent, securing a confident diagnosis.

Using the new MRI scanner patients can relax on a padded chair beside the scanner, unlike the awkward and uncomfortable positions sometimes required for extremity scanning in whole-body systems. DINW medical director Barbara Blankenship said their goal is to provide patients with the right MRI scanner for their needs with comfort and quality imaging as top priorities.

"Beyond comfort, the extremity MRI’s open design reduces anxiety for those who have concerns about going into a full-body MRI system. Additionally, children may be joined by an adult in the exam room,” Blankenship added.

"With the GE Optima MRI, patients sit next to the system and only the targeted body part goes into the system. This helps make it easier for them to be as still as possible for the best exam achievable."

DINW CEO Keith Arnzen said the Optima enables faster patient preparation and enhances the ease for health care providers and their patients.

The new extremity MRI is located in DINW’s imaging suite, located in the new Good Samaritan Medical Building, US.

DINW is a joint venture alliance between Medical Imaging Northwest and the MultiCare Good Samaritan Hospital that offers diagnostic radiology services at five imaging locations throughout East Pierce County, Puyallup and Sunrise.