Everist Genomics has acquired Angiologix, the developer of the AngioDefender diagnostic device for assessing endothelial function.

AngioDefender uses a patented non-invasive technology to evaluate endothelial dysfunction that produces consistent results regardless of operator differences.

Endothelial cell dysfunction is a biomarker of early-stage atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease in asymptomatic patients.

Additionally, AngioDefender will also monitor disease progression and effectiveness of cardiovascular therapies, enabling personalised dosage and treatment regimens.

Everist Genomics CEO Prasad Sunkara said that by providing an accurate assessment of endothelial function, AngioDefender could help clinicians and patients to make treatment decisions to reduce the risk of the serious conditions.

"AngioDefender has been successfully validated in several multinational studies demonstrating its accuracy and reliability in assessing endothelial function through measurement of flow mediated dilation,” Sunkara added.

Everist will start marketing AngioDefender globally, starting in Europe and India during the first quarter of 2012.