Nucletron, an Elekta company, has received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for its new Vaginal CT/MR Multi Channel (VCMC) applicator, which enables very precise dose delivery for gynecologic cancers.

The Vaginal CT/MR Multi Channel Applicator features Nucletron’s precise dose delivery solution (PDDSTM) technology, providing accurate target coverage and maximising conformity in treating gynecologic cancers.

The new vaginal applicator offers brachytherapy solution that will optimise the dose distribution to help prevent recurrence, while minimising toxicity, side effects and impaired quality of life.

Nucletron CEO Jos Lamers said the results of the Portec-2 study highlighted the role of brachytherapy in preventing cancer recurrence in women following surgery for uterine cancer, with lower side effects and better quality of life.