US-based manufacturer of measurement and control solutions for life sciences process applications, Finesse Solutions, has introduced its new G3Lite+ SmartController for upstream cell culture and fermentation.

The G3Lite+ controller is based on Finesse's SmartParts to deliver industrial automation reliability and scalability in its operation in an affordable way.

The controller has the capacity to accommodate up to four peristaltic SmartPumps, locally, or can be connected to an external pump tower, which allows it control up to seven pumps.

"The controller has the capacity to accommodate up to four peristaltic SmartPumps."

The G3Lite+ is fitted with SmartTransmitters for TruFluor single-use sensors or electrochemical sensors.

It enables high-flow-rate SmartMFC gas manifolds which are used for fermentation applications. The G3Lite+ also allows controlling redundant vent filter heaters including automatic switchover and has dedicated outputs for building alarms or digital control of harvest valves.

The G3Lite+ uses foam level detection for fermentation applications. It also supports a dedicated TruTorr transmitter used for bag integrity verification using TruBio DV software.

Finesse CEO Dr Barbara Paldus said: "Based on the success of our first generation G3Lite low-cost and minimal footprint bioreactor controller systems, we developed the next generation G3Lite+ product to expand the breadth of single-use vessel brands that can be controlled.

"This SmartController increases performance with new features, efficiency, and reliability, and continues to deliver on the value proposition of the G3Lite, namely reduced operating costs and improved ease of use.

“It is designed to provide a flexible, yet plug-and-play, configuration for both R&D and cGMP use cases."

The introduction of G3Lite+ expands capabilities of Finesse's G3Lite product to support all major brands of single-use bioreactors and single-use fermenters.