Sapheon has treated its first patient with bilateral saphenous reflux in Germany using its Sapheon closure system.

The CE-marked Sapheon system is a catheter-based, single-use disposal medical device designed to achieve vein closure caused by venous reflux disease, without surgery, thermal ablation or sclerosing chemicals.

During the treatment, the patient received the Sapheon treatment without the use of tumescent anesthesia, sedation or post-procedure compression hose.

Dr. Thomas Proebstle at a private clinic in Mannheim, Germany, said the patient was successfully treated in less than 40 minutes and walked out of the procedure room symptom-free with only a simple band-aid.

The new treatment is easy to perform, effective, and avoids the substantial pain and discomfort associated with other treatment options for patients who suffer from saphenous vein disease.