UK-based Genmed has collaborated with CCube Solutions to provide a new type of funding model to help address the lack of additional capital available within the National Health Service (NHS) to support projects such as electronic document management system (EDMS) and scanning.

The managed service is expected to enable the NHS Trusts and Health Boards to fund the transformation from paper to digital medical records.

The service will include CCube’s electronic document management software, project  management, IT hardware, support, maintenance and the legacy records back scanning.

"All Trusts and Health Boards know they need to get rid of paper and transition quickly to digital delivery."

Genmed chief executive officer Robin Modak said: "The huge upfront capital costs of software systems and back scanning make it very difficult for Trusts and Health Boards to introduce the new services they have been instructed to by the Department of Health.

"Our managed service model provides a practical, straightforward revenue based way to solve the paper problem as it spreads the costs out and means it’s treated as an operational not a capital expenditure.”

The Genmed managed service is claimed to be HMRC compliant for VAT recovery and off balance sheet, which makes it suitable for trusts and health boards with no CRL2 headroom.

CCube Solutions managing director Vijay Magon said: "All Trusts and Health Boards know they need to get rid of paper and transition quickly to digital delivery.

"With Genmed, we’ll be targeting those who have yet to do so by providing an efficient and risk free way to not only buy our software, but all the associated components required to close costly medical libraries.”

Genmed helps NHS organisations to increase their efficiencies and streamline their practices by removing the administration overhead and burden of managing suppliers, dealing with orders and invoices, in addition to contract and administrative management.