Hologic has commercially launched its new SmartCurve breast stabilisation system designed to provide comfortable mammograms while maintaining image quality and accuracy.

The new system is available with the firm’s Hologic’s Genius 3D Mammography exam, which is said to identify more invasive cancers and minimise false positives.

Hologic Research and Development global vice-president Tracy Accardi and team developed the SmartCurve system to decrease breast pain that might be caused during a mammogram exam.

As the pain is associated with compression time and pressure distribution, the system comes with a curved surface designed to mitigate pinching and enable better force distribution over the entire breast.

To ensure image quality and accuracy, the firm has included image processing algorithms in the system.

Accardi said: “We understand the critical role the exam plays in the early detection of breast cancer, but we know how uncomfortable and sometimes even painful the exam can be.

“93% of women experienced improved comfort with SmartCurve.”

“The associated anxiety causes many women to avoid or delay this potentially life-saving exam, something we set out to change when developing the first-of-its-kind SmartCurve system.”

According to the results from a clinical study, 93% of women experienced improved comfort with SmartCurve, compared to moderate to severe discomfort while using standard flat paddle compression.

The system features options for a majority of women and breast sizes, while it can be used with the firm’s MammoPad breast cushion for enhanced comfort.

SmartCurve is also available on the new Hologic 3Dimensions mammography system and as an enhancement option to existing Selenia Dimensions systems.

Image: SmartCurve breast stabilisation system. Photo: courtesy of Hologic Inc.