Isto Technologies, an orthobiologics company, has received the Conformite Europeenne (CE) mark approval for its InQu bone graft substitute and extender.

InQu, a differentiated biomaterial scaffold of synthetic and biologic polymers used mainly in spinal fusion applications, is currently available in granules, paste, putty and three-dimensional forms.

Polylactide-co-glycolide (PLGA), the structural component of InQu, creates an osteoconductive scaffold, well-recognised to support new bone formation as it undergoes resorption at the site of implantation.

Hyaluronic acid (HyA), a ubiquitous component of natural tissue, provides improved handling and is reported to exhibit several unique biophysical and biological properties, which play an important role during embryonic development, tissue regeneration and bone repair.

Isto Technologies president and CEO Mitchell Seyedin said the InQu product has proven to be an innovative and cost-effective bone grafting alternative for spinal fusion and other orthopedic surgeries in the US.