Life Technologies, a global biotechnology company, has entered into an agreement with China’s in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) company DaAn Gene to form Life Technologies DaAn Diagnostics, a joint venture (JV) diagnostics business in China.

Life Technologies DaAn Diagnostics JV, with its headquarters in Guangzhou, will develop and commercialise a portfolio of molecular diagnostic assays utilising Life Technologies’ 3500Dx capillary electrophoresis instrument and the Big Dye cycle sequencing technologies.

The 3500Dx electrophoresis instrument is a capillary-based Sanger sequencer designed for analysing human DNA for the identification of genetic changes that may lead to disease presence or improved response to various therapies.

The JV focuses on developing IVD assays for oncology, and infectious and genetic diseases, and allows the companies to extend the use of capillary electrophoresis technology into the Chinese clinical diagnostics market.

Life Technologies CEO and chairman Gregory Lucier said the JV strengthens the foundation of their clinical diagnostics business and represents a move for the company’s business in China. ”This joint venture and its products will play a key role in disease prevention and therapy selection and is complementary to the Chinese Government’s 12th five-year plan to promote national economic and social development," he said.

Life Technologies, Greater China president Siddhartha Kadia said the move will help them provide medical diagnostic technologies with cost-effective solutions to Chinese healthcare professionals. "This approach leverages our expertise in platform development and DaAn’s expertise in regulated markets with kit development and commercialisation," he added.

DaAn Gene CEO Zhou Xinyu said that with the cooperation of Life Technologies, DaAn Gene launches its products into the global marketplace, while bringing Life’s superior technologies into China’s IVD market.

In October 2011, China State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) has approved 3500Dx genetic analyser for in vitro diagnostic use in China. Financial terms of the agreement have not been disclosed.