Amplitude Surgical, a surgical technology company specialising in lower-limb orthopaedics, has completed the acquisition of a 50% stake in SOFAB Orthopedie, an industrial subcontractor.

The acquisition is aimed at consolidating Amplitude’s industrial base and supply chain to achieve business growth. Amplitude will consolidate in full SOFAB Orthopédie from the second half of 2016-17.

UK-based health technology company, Oval Medical Technologies, has been acquired by finished medical devices manufacturer, SMC Ltd. The acquisition helps the acquirer to expand its drug delivery capabilities.

"The acquisition helps the acquirer to expand its drug delivery capabilities."

Private equity firm Apax IX intends to acquire the remaining stake in Unilabs, a provider of clinical laboratory testing and medical diagnostic imaging services, from Nordic Capital and Apax Partners France.

The transaction, which is expected to be completed in early-2017, is a part of Unilabs’s merger and acquisition strategy and supports it to be at the forefront of the ongoing consolidation of the European laboratory space.