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Masimo has received CE Mark approval for its Radius-7, the first rainbow signal extraction technology (SET) based noninvasive wearable, wireless monitor for Root patient monitoring and connectivity platform.

The company has also announced the limited market release of Radius-7, claimed to allow early identification of clinical deterioration, while offering patients continuous monitoring with freedom of movement.

Featuring rainbow SET technology, Radius-7 with Root alerts clinicians at the bedside or remotely, through the Masimo Patient SafetyNet remote monitoring and notification system.

Radius-7 can be attached to patient’s arm or can be placed alongside the patient’s bet for continuous monitoring.

The device can give alerts about critical changes in a patient’s oxygen saturation, pulse rate, respiration rate, or haemoglobin that may indicate pulmonary, cardiac, or internal bleeding problems.

"Radius-7 allows untethered clinically relevant patient monitoring."

With no need to disconnect and reconnect the cable to get out of bed, the device reduces the need for nursing assistance.

Radius-7 is connected through Bluetooth back to Root or with upgradeable WiFi for long-range communication, ensuring that the patients are monitored continuously and connected to the caregivers.

Masimo founder and CEO Joe Kiani said: "In the past, wearable patient monitoring offered only limited measurements that were often plagued by false alarms.

"Radius-7 allows untethered clinically relevant patient monitoring.

"We expect Radius-7 and Root to change how hospitals think about monitoring, ushering in a new level of patient safety."

Currently, Radius-7 is not available for sale in the US.

Image: The Radius-7 offers continuous, noninvasive patient monitoring with comfort and freedom of movement. Photo: courtesy of Marketwired/ Masimo.