US-based medical device company Medrobotics has obtained the CE mark for its Flex Robotic System for colorectal applications.

The Flex Robotic System is a robotic surgical platform designed to allow access to hard to reach anatomy in both otolaryngology and colorectal procedures without the restrictions posed by straight, rigid instruments.

Medrobotics CEO Samuel Straface said: “CE Mark for colorectal procedures is significant since it expands the number of patients who can be treated with the Flex Robotic System and provides a true platform technology that multiple hospital departments can use.

"The device can navigate a nearly 180 degree path to reach a challenging surgical site."

“When combined with the unrivaled mobility of the system, European otolaryngology and colorectal surgeons can now perform minimally invasive surgery through the body’s natural orifices, offering the potential for truly scarless surgeries.”

The Flex Robotic System uses a highly articulated multi-linked scope which can make its way through non-linear, circuitous paths enabling a minimal invasive surgery.

The device can navigate a nearly 180 degree path to reach a challenging surgical site.

It allows the surgeon to operate through a single access site. After being positioned, the scope modifies itself to a stable surgical platform from which the surgeon can deploy flexible surgical instruments such as 3mm articulating instruments to proceed with the surgical procedures.

It allows a magnified HD view of the anatomical structures unlike other minimally invasive approaches.

The Flex Robotic System has a small footprint which allows it to easily integrate into most of the operating rooms.