According to a study published in medical journal Thorax, asthma patients can improve their quality of life and reduce persistent symptoms during the day by using a simple bedside purification system called Protexo, which filters airborne asthma triggers from the air during sleep.

The temperature controlled laminar airflow treatment device delivers a constant, slightly cooled airflow in the patient’s breathing area, which displaces warmer air containing irritants and allergens.

The findings are based on a study conducted across six European countries, in which researchers assessed 281 non-smokers, either passive or active, aged between seven and 70 years, who had poorly controlled atopic asthma.

The results reported a considerable difference of 14-15% on life quality scores in patients of the Protexo-group compared to those with the dummy device.

In the Protexo-group, researchers also observed a decrease in nitric oxide, and increase in immunoglobulin E, which are the indicators of inflammation.