Japanese ophthalmic firm Nitto Medic has entered into an agreement with France-based Nicox for the distribution of diagnostic test AdenoPlus in Japan.

AdenoPlus is an in-vitro diagnostic medical device that aids in the differential diagnosis of acute conjunctivitis.

In June 2012, Nicox in-licensed AdenoPlus from Rapid Pathogen Screening (RPS) and has full exclusive rights to commercialise the device worldwide, except in the US and Canada.

Nicox chairman and chief executive officer Michele Garufi said: "We are delighted to sign this agreement with Nitto Medic, a leader in the Japanese ophthalmic sector, as our exclusive distributor for AdenoPlus in this market, which is the second largest of the world.

"AdenoPlus is an in-vitro diagnostic medical device that aids in the differential diagnosis of acute conjunctivitis."

"We believe that the high-accuracy of AdenoPlus and its easy-to-use characteristics, together with the relationships of Nitto Medic amongst Japanese ophthalmologists, will contribute to the success of this innovative diagnostic tool."

As part of the deal, Nitto will become the exclusive distributor of AdenoPlus in Japan as well as pay a €500,000 upfront payment and also buy these devices from Nicox.

Nitto Medic will be responsible for securing the relevant regulatory approval in Japan before launch of AdenoPlus, which is expected to take place within the next 18 months.

Nitto Medic president and chief executive officer Ryu Nakai said: "We are very excited about this agreement with Nicox.

"We are confident that AdenoPlus will greatly contribute to the healthcare and welfare of people in Japan.

We do hope that this first agreement with Nicox will be the beginning of a long-lasting collaboration as well as on future product opportunities."

In the first half of 2014, Nicox launched AdenoPlus in the five main European markets including France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK.

The company has also established partnerships with third parties in other territories, including Switzerland, Turkey, Benelux, South Africa and Poland.