US-based Oasis Medical has secured CE Mark approval for its soft shield collagen corneal shields, which help ocular healing.

The soft shield collagen corneal shield (SSCCS) is a clear, pliable, thin film composed of highly purified bovine collagen that has been lightly cross-linked to provide the desired degradation time on the eye.

It serves as a protective barrier on the surface of the eye, which allows time for the release of a thin layer of collagen to lubricate the eye, before SSCCS degrades.

It is administered sterilely by electron beam irradiation in a double peel tray. The inner tray is used to hydrate the shield.

"It serves as a protective barrier on the surface of the eye."

The SSCCS is hydrated dome-side down and must be inverted before being placed on the eye.

Once applied, the shield eventually absorbs ocular fluids, which contain collagenases and protease which slowly degrades the shield.

The shield is thicker in the centre and thin out towards the edge and when hydrated, the water content of the shield is 65% to 85% depending on the degradation time.

It involves three dissolution rates which is QS, 12, 24, and 72 hours.

The QS and 12-Hour shields are used primarily after a cataract surgery is done and are intended to dissolve completely on the eye under a patch within a day.

The 24-Hour and 72- Hour shields are used after ocular injections, corneal trauma, and non-traumatic corneal conditions. They are placed on a non-patched eye and will remain on the eye, similar to a contact lens, for approximately the number of hours indicated. They will partially degrade during their time on the eye.