US-based medical device company, Olive Medical, has launched the industry’s first surgical camera system to enable surgical imaging at a lower cost.

The surgical camera system features a TCK1 high-definition (HD) camera head, 24mm coupler, OVB1 camera control unit and OHD1surgical display.

The camera head consists of a full 1080p video acquisition, three fully programmable buttons and a light weight ergonomic design, while the camera control unit has full 1080p video outputs – DVI and 3G/HD-SDI outputs, a unique smartphone like touch-screen interface and integrated storage of 40 HD images.

The new camera system incorporates superior technology, vertical integration and lean development to provide a true HD image with unparalleled cost savings to the end user.

Olive Medical CEO Joshua Talbert said the native HD acquisition makes the new camera system ten times faster in colour reproduction, image sharpness and clarity than any other HD system. The company’s surgical camera system has already received US Food and Drug Administration and CE mark approval.

Olive Medical aims to provide affordable HD medical imaging systems using its imaging sensors and lean manufacturing processes to the operating room.