OncoSec Medical has presented positive results a Phase IV head and neck cancer trial, which has demonstrated that OMS ElectroChemotherapy is safe and well-tolerated.

Patient survival following treatment at eight months was 95% and 86% at 24 months.

Preliminary analysis of the data demonstrates that the primary endpoint, local control of the tumour at eight months, was achieved.

The majority of adverse events were pain, infection, edema and dysphagia.

Principal investigator Lennart Lofgrenand said that this simple and novel delivery of bleomycin, an approved chemotherapeutic agent, through reversible electroporation, has shown a marked improvement in potency while delivering a much lower and safer concentration of the drug.

OncoSec Medical president and CEO Punit Dhillon said the data supports the uniqueness of OMS ElectroChemotherapy in its ability to achieve selective destruction of cancerous tumours while sparing healthy normal tissue including highly vascularised and innervated surrounding structures, providing physicians with a flexible treatment alternative.

The company also reported results from a Phase I study of 13 patients with recurrent breast cancer treated with OMS ElectroChemotherapy, which demonstrated that the therapy was safe, well-tolerated and achieved a 75% complete tumour response rate.