US-based medical technology company Optra System has unveiled its OptraSCAN whole-slide imaging system and end-to-end digital pathology solution platform.

The OptraSCAN is a compact, side scanner which digitally converts the glass slides into high-quality e-images.

The cloud-based device is fitted with a 20x or 40x objective lens and 10-slide or 150-slide scanning capacity which offers high-speed with automation.

"Keeping lab operations efficient and running smoothly is of critical importance to Optra Systems."

The suite of solutions also features IMAGEPath, a cloud-based image management system; CLOUDPath, a cloud-based storage of scanned images for 1 terabyte (TB) up to 10 TB of stored image data; web-based applications such as OptraASSAYS image analysis solutions; OptraCARDS, a computer-based region detection for morphometric analyses and OptraTELEPath telepathology.

Optra Systems’ complete Digital Pathology Solution (RUO) offers a range of services and support including cloud-enabled, a complimentary compact whole-slide imaging scanner, software solutions, cloud-enabled storage, and 24/7 service and support.

Optra Systems founder and CEO Abhi Gholap said: "Keeping lab operations efficient and running smoothly is of critical importance to Optra Systems.

"We believe in solving problems and keeping labs functional, whether it’s replacing parts, servicing systems and supporting customers around the clock.

"We want to make digital pathology affordable to all and enable anyone interested in transitioning from conventional microscopy to digital pathology, or simply those interested in adopting a compact scanner and on-demand solutions."

Optra System plans to market its suite of product in customisable monthly subscription model to offer an affordable access of the product to the customers.