US-based medical devices manufacturer Paramit has started construction of a new manufacturing facility at Penang Science Park in Bukit Minyak, Malaysia.

Expected to become operational in June 2016, the 162,000m² Penang facility will be used to produce complex medical devices and life sciences instruments.

The new site, which is likely to create 800 jobs, will support the firm’s existing facility in California, US, which incorporates proprietary processes to provide better products for customers.

Paramit CEO Billoo Rataul said: "Our culture is driven by a passion for improvement and an ingenious approach to solving problems.

"We deliver consistently exceptional performance and, ultimately, peace of mind to our customers."

"Our culture is driven by a passion for improvement and an ingenious approach to solving problems."

Upon completion, the company will transition its current customers and skilled workforce to the facility, which is expected to double its current Penang capacity.

To improve manufacturing quality at its facilities, the company will focus on assembling printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) at six sigma quality levels, combined with its patent-pending vPoke system.

The vPoke system is said to simplify the mechanical assembly and testing of a complex product into hundreds or thousands of steps using advanced computer systems to validate and verify each step.

Paramit sales and marketing vice-president Atul Jhalani said: "A more sophisticated and larger Penang facility will enable us to expand our proprietary processes into Asia, improve workflow and enhance our overall global capability for both current and new customers."

The company offers fully-integrated engineering, manufacturing and post-manufacturing services to medical device and instrument companies.