Royal Philips has launched a new ultrasound system, Affiniti, which allows physicians to treat large volumes of patients.

Affiniti features anatomical intelligent ultrasound that provides automatic anatomy recognition and quantification and PureWave transducer technology, which delivers better image quality.

The new system provides technology to help radiology/ultrasound departments serving more patients with fewer resources to deliver high quality patient care.

It also includes automation tools such as AutoSCAN, Auto Doppler and SmartExam, which will reduce the number of steps required to complete each exam, as well as features DICOM and PC format capabilities for seamless information-sharing.

Philips Imaging Systems Ultrasound CEO and senior vice-president Vitor Rocha said: "Affiniti was designed with the everyday challenges of healthcare professionals in mind.

"We have leveraged more than 45 years of ultrasound innovation to deliver a reliable system that combines the excellent image quality our customers expect for fast, confident diagnosis, with advanced tools to help them improve efficiency and workflow and allow for the very best standard of care."

"Affiniti was designed with the everyday challenges of healthcare professionals in mind."

Affiniti is built on the same architecture as the company’s EPIQ ultrasound.

OLV Hospital Belgium cardiologist at the Cardiovascular Center Aalst Dr Martin Penicka said: "With our high patient volume, cost pressures and throughput demands, my department/clinic/facility needs a system that offers high performance, a range of configuration options and low total cost of ownership while still offering superior image quality.

"Philips Affiniti enables us to get to the level of detail we need to best serve our patients and enable our clinicians to keep up with increasing demand."

The company is showcasing Affiniti at the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress 2014 in Barcelona, Spain, which started on 30 August and ends on 3 September.

Sale of the new system in several European markets is expected to be started later this year, while the US launch is scheduled to take place in 2015.

Image: Affiniti ultrasound system combines Philips imaging performance and a user-friendly design for fast and confident diagnosis. Photo: courtesy of PRNewsFoto/Royal Philips.