Royal Philips has unveiled its new imaging and informatics technology with adaptive intelligence, Illumeo at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2016.

Illumeo has been designed to enable faster diagnoses, facilitate well-informed care decisions and improved patient care.

The intelligent software features combination of contextual awareness capabilities with advanced data analytics to improve work of the radiologist.

Its built-in intelligence takes into account the radiologists’ preferences and suits itself to the user interface by offering tool sets and measurements.

Using its Data Analytics Engine, Illumeo provides the radiologist with relevant case-related information from various sources comprising patient problem list, laboratory results, prior radiology reports, imaging orders or scanned documents in one single view.

It consolidates and organises this data to assist radiologists through the stages of diagnosis to treatment and follow-up, relying on a current, comprehensive patient picture.

University of Maryland Medical Center Diagnostic Radiology professor Dr Eliot Siegel said: “As the number of patients and complexity of care continues to increase, the amount of data and information we deal with on a daily basis is overwhelming.

"Having solutions that streamline information and provide context to what is most relevant to a specific case is critical."

“In order to help solve this problem, having solutions that streamline information and provide context to what is most relevant to a specific case is critical.

“This will provide a more efficient workflow, which is key to enabling quicker, more confident diagnoses.”

Additionally, Illumeo enables the radiologist to generate dynamic reports with 3D images or image quantifications based on minimal user input that integrates with Philips IntelliSpace PACS and can be accessed via EMR systems and can be shared as a multidisciplinary patient information dashboard across the hospital enterprises.

Image: Illumeo provides case-related information in one single view. Photo: courtesy of © Koninklijke Philips N.V.