UK-based Smith & Nephew is planning to launch a new D-RAD SMART PACK System for treatment of distal radius fractures.

The new system includes four complete, single-use, sterile instrument kits containing implants and a tray of sterile packaged fasteners and templates.

It helps hospital OR staff to reduce the process used for reprocessing traditional plate and screw systems from eight-steps down to two.

Each D-RAD SMART PACK set features four different single-use kits, and each kit includes an anatomically contoured four-hole volar plate and single-use instrumentation, as well as tray with individually packaged cortex screws, locking screws, locking pegs and single-use plate templates to assist with kit selection.

"The new system is designed to reduce costs and improve efficiency in and out of the operating room."

In addition, the system provides chart sticks that helps in easily recording part numbers for every patient and individually packed screws that can reduce waste further by eliminating the need to discard unused screws.

Smith & Nephew extremities and limb restoration vice-president Mark Waugh said: "As a company, we are committed to improving the healthcare system for everyone involved: hospitals, surgeons, OR staff and, most importantly, patients.

"With the D-RAD SMART PACK System, we’ve taken a burdensome and costly process and streamlined it without sacrificing the intraoperative flexibility surgeons need to treat patients."

The new system is designed to reduce costs and improve efficiency in and out of the operating room.

The company said that in addition to the potential cost savings, the new system also offers the confidence of knowing that every set is complete and free from the types of wear and/or contamination that can result from the improper handling or reprocessing of traditional sets.

Launch of the new system will be done at the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) annual meeting in Boston, US.