Spine Wave has begun a clinical study to determine the feasibility of implanting its NuCore injectable nucleus device using a proprietary percutaneous technique to treat degenerative disc disease.

NuCore material consists of rDNA-based protein polymer and a transient radiopacifier, which allows the material to be visualised intra-operatively during percutaneous injection.

The NuCore material will relieve pain, maintain disc height and restore biomechanical function in degenerative disc disease patients.

Dr Ulrich Berlemann of the Spine Center in Thun, Switzerland, said the initial results from an ongoing study involving the device have shown considerable reductions in pain scores within the three month post-operative evaluation.

Spine Wave chairman and CEO Mark LoGuidice said that the study will be an add-on to the previous clinical work, which demonstrated the device’s safety and that it could maintain disc height.