Boston Scientific’s SpyGlass direct visualisation system, a single-operator cholangioscopy device, has demonstrated an overall procedural success rate of 89% in diagnosing bile duct disease.

The SpyGlass visualisation system allows physicians to directly observe the pancreatico-biliary system through a single-operator system, while providing colour images from a 6,000-pixel fibre-optic camera.

The Boston Scientific-sponsored study involved around 300 patients, and reported that 64% of diagnostic procedures resulted in altered patient management, 88% of collected biopsies were adequate for histology, 66% accuracy in identifying a malignancy, 92% procedural success for stone management and that 71% of patients achieved complete stone clearance in one session.

Study author Douglas Pleskow said that the SpyGlass system allows physicians to deliver effective treatment in a single procedure, improving patient care and reducing costs.