Geonovo, a developer of telecare solutions and mobile GPS alarms, has won a UK Trade & Investment competition (UKTI).

The company’s prize is a place on UKTI’s stand at Mobile World Congress Expo in Barcelona 2012, giving it the chance to present a new device to the world.

Twelve contestants competed by delivering a three-minute pitch, followed by an interview by a panel of industry experts handpicked by UKTI.

Geonovo CEO Peter Lusty said, "We have built a strong reputation by delivering a consistently high-quality product in the form of the Romad RSP100 handset, which is already being used by Cruz Roja [Red Cross Spain] to protect over 5,000 people from domestic violence, and has also been selected for a 1,500 device trial for dementia monitoring."

The company will introduce a new generation of telecare devices based on the RSP-2xx platform in the first quarter of 2012, with the launch of the RSP-200 eHealth handset taking place at Mobile World Congress.

The RSP-2xx devices incorporate a combination of technology and firmware functionality, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, a 3D accelerometer for fall detection and motion sensing and a large colour screen to provide telecare and personal protection monitoring.