Titan Medical and Columbia University have entered into an exclusive licence agreement to develop and commercialise a novel single port robotic surgery system, The Insertable Robotic Effector Platform (IREP).

Under the agreement, Titan Medical will have exclusive rights for the development and commercialisation of IREP, developed by Dr. Nabil Simaan.

The single port robotic surgery system features an endoscope and two flexible arms to perform single port surgery in areas such as single port gallbladder surgery, trans-vaginal access, trans-oral access, and trans-anal access.

IREP will allow physicians to carry out minimally invasive procedures by using natural openings and by using a single small 15mm opening in the abdomen instead of the three to five openings currently used in existing minimally invasive systems.

The smallest IREP, in terms of required diameter, sets a new standard for compactness and deployability in attaching to the surgical bed and allowing quick reorientation of the patient during surgery.

IREP has the potential to incorporate sensory information such as force feedback and intra-abdominal ultrasound and is also suitable for micro-surgery to provide high level accuracy.

Titan Medical CEO Craig Leon said, "We are pleased to have obtained an exclusive licence with Columbia University for this novel single port robotic surgery system. It fits perfectly with our strategic plans of developing and commercialising a suite of next-generation robotic surgical technologies."

Titan Medical is a Canadian public company focused on the development and commercialisation of robotic surgical technologies to empower surgeons to use robots in the operating room of the future.

Currently, the company is developing Amadeus Composer™, a surgical system that comprises an external robot and flexible instruments to allow surgeons overcome the constraints of surgical procedures in small to medium spaces.