The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and healthcare technology firm CipherHealth have developed and introduced a care-management platform to help enhance the quality of care for patients with complex health conditions.

The new platform, called View, will help engage patients and enable more efficient team coordination among providers.

UCSF Medical Center Population Health and Accountable Care executive director Gina Intinarelli said: "We needed a comprehensive tool that would be able to help us manage our most complex patients across the care continuum and across disciplines.

"View combines the world of previously separate and isolated care management tools into a single, integrated platform."

"This enables us not only to understand longitudinal data for one patient, but also to visualise the types of care delivered to larger patient populations. It helps us know how to deliver the right care, in the right place, by the right person."

The new View platform combines the company’s patient engagement software platforms with evidenced-based patient care plans and multidisciplinary care management workflows.

UCSF faculty and care management staff have developed these care plans and workflows to help provide care for patients with chronic or complex health conditions.

In addition to providing a simple and streamlined view of population-level trends, the solution simplifies coordination across multiple care teams throughout the care continuum by aggregating patient data from disparate sources.

CipherHealth Zach co-founder Silverzweig said: "View combines the world of previously separate and isolated care management tools into a single, integrated platform.

"In today’s increasingly digital world, it only makes sense for healthcare providers to use a tool that connects them to one another and to the greater health goals of each patient."

The View provides a single platform for patient data aggregation, while ensuring that any provider can easily reference longitudinal history of a patient and be notified of potential procedures or appointments.

It is reported that View, which is accessible on any web-enabled device, also enables real-time communication between care providers to efficiently and accurately build a collaborative care plan.